A little Lovely Company: Monster Door

A little Lovely Company: Monster Door


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This cute little monster door helps your child through an important phase in his or her development: magical thinking. This monster door stimulates your child’s imagination and offers a fun and playful way to discover new things and / or soothes a child when needed. Does your child have trouble falling asleep because of the imaginary monsters under his or her bed? How about knocking on this little monster door before going to bed to meet the friendly creatures that live behind it – they will surely take away the fears.

Decorate the wall around the monster door with the provided stickers (including a handful of glow in the dark stickers) to welcome the new little friends.

Mounting the little door

Choose a position on a smooth wall just above the floor, a cupboard or shelf. Ensure the surface is smooth, dry and clean. Attach the door on the wall with glue, double sided tape or reusable adhesive putty.


  • Door with round window and doorknob
  • Includes 78 stickers (37 of these are glow in the dark)
  • Colour: black and white
  • Dimensions door: 10.2 x 15 x 0.8 cm
  • Dimensions with packaging: 11 x 36 x 2.6 cm
  • Material door: Wood
  • Material stickers: Vinyl
  • Mounting material not included